Sankuer Composite Technologies, Inc.

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Sankuer Composite Technologies Inc. is a full-service provider of composite projects, specifically trained applications experts for high-performance finishing/re-finishing products and a fully-equipped wood working resource.

These capabilities make SCT a one-stop supplier of turn-key composite services for the automotive, marine, aviation and industrial categories.

Composites – Custom, prototype or short run products utilizing fiberglass, carbon/graphite, Kevlar and high-bred lay-ups with epoxy, polyester or high-bred matrices are chosen to meet the needs of each unique application.

Finishing/refinishing – Utilizing the latest high-performance finishes and coatings, one-off prototypes, short run production pieces and new/ repaired surfaces are brought to the highest level of finish.

Automotive Composites


Sankuer Composite Technologies Inc.’s services include construction of patterns, fixtures and tooling as well as finished parts in a wide variety of laminates and matrices using virtually every out-of-autoclave technique.

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Aviation Composites


SCT can serve as your low volume production part source for Light Sports Aircraft composite skin or shell supply. In addition, SCT can help you with your solution/production needs for many aircraft types.

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Marine and RV Composites


By combining SCT’s demonstrated experience in high performance composites with exceptional woodworking capabilities, SCT is ready to build, modify or repair/restore wood or fiberglass boats, mobile homes, aircraft components and more.

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Industrial Composites


Sankuer Composite Technologies combines extensive experience in precision carbon fiber fabrication with the latest technologies to deliver precision, close tolerance components to the metal- forming industries.

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Specialty Services


Sankuer Composite Technologies Inc. is capable of producing one-off custom projects for unique applications as diverse as a show car display or a mold for a cement casting operation.

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